Hey + Welcome! I am so glad you’re here!

I am Kirstin McCulloch – also known as LilliBean Designs!

And I haven’t always been an artist. In fact ten years ago I would have laughed my ass off if you even suggested that I was one. (The reasons behind that belief are long, lengthy and many.)

However in 2008 we welcomed our gorgeous girl ‘Bean’ into the world. I stared at this beautiful, precious baby and thought two things.

  1.  Your daddy is going to loose his mind when you go through your boy crazy phase.
  2. I want you to have the whole world, I don’t want you to be defined by anyone or anything. I want you to be unlimited.


And as I stared into this little ones eyes, promising this, I had a startling and life changing realisation.

If I want my child to grow up unlimited, maybe I should lead by example and free myself? 

I had always wanted to paint and draw and make a living from it. So what better time to start living true to myself and showing Bean, and subsequently our other two girls; Bug + Beastie, what it means to live a life that is unlimited.

I wish it were that simple! I often feel vulnerable and exposed. And I have a constant companion – My little bitch, who sits on my shoulder whispering doubts and fears.

But it keeps coming back to my three girls, and my determination for them to reach the stars. And while I am doing my damnedest to inspire them, they instead inspire me!

profile pic v2


And that is in a nutshell how LilliBean Designs came to be.

The name LilliBean Designs come from my eldest girl ‘Bean’ and my second girl ‘Lilli Bug’. I wanted to have an everyday reminder of why I am on this crazy journey!

We have a third little girl, the wee Beastie. And of course there is Mac. A gorgeous hubby, an awesome dad, who has the patience of a saint when his wife sits down and says to him ‘Babe, I’ve been thinking!’



Square stars edit

  • I believe that everyone needs to have a little whimsy in their life. I believe it makes life magical, beautiful and imaginative. I hope to share some of how I include whimsy into my life.
  • I know that my art imitates life. What I am feeling, my big dreams, my kids classic quotes, my wild imaginings + my random thoughts, often show up in my paintings.
  • I feel that my inner critic {aka my little bitch} likes to visit and play havoc with her uninvited demon pals just when I think I’ve everything sorted and I am my most vulnerable.
  • I am convinced that everyone can live their dream, but that sometimes it takes more than courage to take that single step. I hope to share some of the tools that helped me become a creative everyday.
  • AND I have faith that anything is possible. My grandpa used to send us on ‘possible’ treasure hunts along the beach with a list of crazy impossible things to find just to prove it was possible. (of course this was before society was environmentally aware!) So I believe in mermaids and I am sure unicorns are having a lovely time frolicking in hidden valley.

 But I am also…

* a compulsive list maker.  (OCD anyone?)
* a stationary junkie (I once worked in the stationary department of a major department store – I was like a sugar addict in a candy store!)
* a romance novel addict,
* a little bit of a hoarder. (You should see my ephemera draw!)
* a card carrying member of pinterest anonymous
* a vivid dreamer, I laugh, cry, shout + have slapped Mac in my sleep
* very likely a bad wife. I don’t care too much about having meals on the table at 6pm,
   clothes pressed + away, and the cobwebs are just fine in the corners.
* a driver who dances in the car singing at the top of her lungs (with three backup
   dancers + vocalists in the back!)
* a introvert by nature, but an extrovert when surrounded by her peeps
* a drop of the hat cryer. (I am ok with this, but it make others so uncomfortable)
* a nail polish addict who smuggles in new colours using her daughters as the bootleg

Star Girl nlAnd I am so very glad you are here.

Thank you for dropping by and spending a few moments in my whimsy filled world. I
hope I can inspire you, encourage you and show you that you too can be unlimited.


So this is me. And now it’s your turn – I would love to hear more about you!! Introduce yourself in the comments section below or use the contact me section if your feeling shy (don’t worry I am too!)

I can’t wait to meet you!



4 thoughts on “Hey + Welcome! I am so glad you’re here!

  1. Louise says:

    I came and said hello at Millthorpe Markets and inquired about a custom picture.
    I was interested in something like your ‘strength in vulnerability’ picture.
    I was looking for similar, with different words and possibly a modified flower. I had pondered a girl, as I like your girls 🙂 but did not find one that quite matched my little one.
    How long would a custom print take? At what cost?
    My daughter is having spinal surgery 7th Jan, so I realise that is very soon, and a bad time of year so may not be possible.

    • LilliBean Designs says:

      Hi Louise – I remember meeting you at Millthorpe – thank you for messaging me! I would love to make something for your little girl and although it is crazy busy at the moment I actually have a little time after christmas that I could paint something for your daughter in time for her surgery.
      I have your email address from your comment, so I will email you tomorrow afternoon with some ideas + prices. I hope we can organise something for you + your girl. Talk soon Kirstin x

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