create a custom lillibean painting

Imagine creating a painting that is not only beautifully whimsical, but has been designed especially for you, by you.

Imagine hanging your painting in your home on the wall that you envisaged. Imagine watching a loved one opening the gift that you designed especially for that person.

Every single part of a LilliBean custom painting is a total collaboration between you and me, and made with absolute care and respect.

How do you create your perfect Lillibean painting?

choose from a bespoke whimsy painting – that has symbolism or meaning, a LilliBean portrait of loved ones or beloved pets, a personalised anniversary or birth painting, custom word art using a word that has importance to you, or an inspirational quote  or saying that touches you soul deep. Something else?

choose your paper size! Or choose a different medium – canvas, wood panel or something else.

tell me everything you can about the painting you wish to create.