Lupine Queen

You have probably seen a little bit of a theme in my paintings this year. Combining my love of big eyed girls and whimsical creatures, there have been a lot of girls appearing who are a bit of both. 

Wouldn’t it be lovely to take on the characteristics of a fawn (gentle, delicate and skilled) and switch it up with a unicorn (unique, sparkly, beautiful) and then change it up for a wolf (fierce, loyal, smart) 

The Lupine Queen is another of those paintings, the wolf queen is fierce, loyal and smart and she is waiting for her forever home.

‘The Lupine Queen’

You can give her a forever home here




FOR YOUR DIARY – November 2017

It’s that time of year again where there is so much going on that I struggle to keep up with not only what markets I am attending but what the rest of my family have going on as well.

Over the coming weeks, I have several markets on so grab a screen shot and add these dates to your diary!

Pop over to the MARKETS page for more information and how to attend.




Always Be Yourself….

I am not quiet sure how we are now at the end of October and it’s been almost six weeks since my last post. And I have so much new art to share with you.

Three new paintings appeared on my canvases last month, just in time for the Canberra Handmade Markets. And two of them were snapped up pretty quickly which was awesome!

In my house we have this saying, well…… it kind of depends on who is saying it. My girls say ‘I’m a Unicorn’ where as Mac says “I am a mother f*&king unicorn” 

We all appreciate the fact that Mac is totally ok with being a unicorn with his girls. It might mean something totally different to other people, but for us it means that we are embracing our inner magic, and remember that in a world of grey we can sparkle brightly.

So there has been a painting that has been percolating in my head for a while, about embracing your inner unicorn. 

And that is how “Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn…then always be a unicorn” came to be.

“Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn…then always be a unicorn”

She is totally loved in her new home, but you can order prints so you can have your own unicorn magic in your home. (click here to order yours)

Do you have any sayings or mottos that you live by? Silly ones or totally serious ones? Share with us in the comments!





Hero’s + Villans [fan art]

You may have seen over on my insta and fb accounts that I have been neck deep in hero’s and villains from the DC ‘verse.

As a girl I grew up on the 1960’s  Batman TV show’s, the cartoon’s my Saturday morning viewing, Wonder Woman was my comic of choice, and I can’t tell you how many times I have watched the movies (except for a few which should never been made!) 

So now my girls are totally  into the Bat ‘verse, they watch the cartoons every Saturday morning, we’ve spent many afternoon’s playing “Batman” in the back yard.

When Bug asked me to paint her a Harley Q painting for her birthday her sisters quickly jumped on the band wagon. 


Harley Q (click on painting for more)

Bean is obsessed with the beautiful Wonder Woman, so for her birthday that’s who I painted (to be honest, I really wanted to keep this one for myself!)

She is Grace (Click on image for more)

Of course Wee Beastie wanted her Bat Girl… She has to wait for her birthday in January for hers, but because I was totally inspired I decided just to paint her now!

The Bat
(Click on image for more)

As I was painting these I realised that I needed one for me, and as much as I loved bat girl and wonder woman, my most favourites character was the Cat! 

The Cat
(click on image for more)

A very good friend of mine once asked me if Wee Beastie was named after Cat woman. I totally hadn’t but it’s a nice little bit of synchronisty in play there!

All four are available as small, medium and large prints  here.

It’s hard to choose which is my favourite, but I am very partial to The Cat!

Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below.




The A-Z project


For a while now I have been plugging away at a project that I planned many years ago after an art challenge site I used to subscribe to had ‘Alphabet’ as their weekly challenge.

As part of their original challenge I designed an A-Z animal alphabet. 

Since then I have thought about recreating it, making bigger paintings and combining them together. 

This winter I finally sat down to paint them, but I didn’t realise that painting 26 large-ish animal paintings back to back would be so… well so hard.

If I paint series paintings they are usually smaller in number – 4 paintings, 6 max so 26 was daunting to start with. 

Also I didn’t realise how many brown animals there are! (totally not my colour pallet!)

In the past I would have just abandoned the project to waste away in the depths of my studio.But I have decided that this year I am determined to finish the year with out these ‘projects’ hanging around for a fifth year straight!Projects like the sea urchin series of paintings I want to paint, the Lost Princess series, the Listening to you Squeak project, the 10 lbs that has ballooned into 25 lbs, the wall in my bedroom that requires some tlc.

A-Z Whimsy Woodland Creatures (click on images to see more)

At least I can tick my A-Z project off my list! 

What projects or things would you like to leave behind in 2017? Let me know in the comments!





What’s on my Work Desk Today?


It seems very strange to be thinking about 2018 when we are only just half way through 2017, but that is what I have been doing this week.

Choosing paintings, editing photos and creating the 2018 LilliBean Designs Art Calendar. It’s one of the most frustrating yet rewarding parts of my calendar year.

Which one’s to choose? Is it balanced with a mixture of styles? Which Christmas painting should be included for December? Should I include just abstracts? Which one’s make the final cut?











And you can start buying your own 2018 LilliBean Calendar from the Canberra Handmade Markets in September!

If you can’t visit me in person you can order it directly from my publisher here.

I will be sharing with you some of the wonderfully creative ways my customers have used their old calendars in the coming months!

If you are one of these creative souls + want to be included please email me a pic and tell me what you’ve made!