it’s been a lesson in patience!

I have a new shop!! Behind the scenes I have been working at adding my stock into my new shop front.

It’s been a huge lesson in patience and how much I don’t know about coding and computing languages.

At this stage you can find prints, whimsical canvases and a few original paintings. Some of my wearable art + tiny wishes collections.

In the coming weeks and months, all my jewellery will be listed as well as a downloadable range of products such as my Inspirational quotes + cute stationary to begin with.

Pop over and check it out here and let me know what you think.



Studio Snippets {July 2017}

a project that’s been a long time in coming

I have been hinting and teasing over on my social media accounts  about this project. And I can’t even show you the finished project yet because I am still working on it! I am hoping by the end of July I will be able to share with you the entire collection, but I thought I’d show you today what I have been working on in my studio.

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They have been so much fun to create – taking me back to my drawing roots considering I used to doodle lions and cows every where!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Keep an eye out next month for the entire collection. And for sneak peaks over the coming week join me on instagram or Facebook






THE MAJESTIC {new art}

‘The Majestic’

There is something magical about seeing a stag in it’s natural habitat. Graceful, majestic, whimsical.

When we lived on the Isle of Raasay, misty mornings would often bring them down the hills and into our back yards.

One summer I excitedly decided to grow sunflowers. For once my black thumb was absent and they grew tall and proud. Only days from them opening their beautiful sunny faces a hear of deer came and ate them.

My sunflowers bounced back though and began to grow again until one morning the heard came through and totally decimated my crop. No coming back from that feeding.

Mac told me that was just my black thumb manifesting in another way!

I love creating these mixed media paintings, their backgrounds have become just as important as the painting itself. Have a look and see what you can see.

‘The Majestic’

the majestic is ready to find his forever home! (click on image)

Does the majestic bring up memories for you? Please share them with us!




What if Spring Grew Up?

What if Spring Grew up?

Like all great ideas this one came upon me in the shower. What if Spring, my unicorn from the painting ‘Spring on a Cold Winters Day’ grew up?

What if she still had a bond with the girl that was in the painting with her?

What if they grew up together and had huge adventures and were the best of friends?

What if I painted them all grown up?

And that was the catalyst for painting ‘Spring Grew’

Like all my mixed media paintings I started with a ephemera base. In this painting along with tissue paper and book pages there was a lion king musical ticket that I had kept for ten years, there is an essay I wrote when I was 18 about my major art work ‘anonymous and free’ along with a few bus tickets from my trip to Fiji when I was 14.

(ok so I may have a slight hoarding problem!)

Spring is mostly finished here and it’s time to move on to my girl.

I remember thinking how sweet they look here


Although Spring Grew was snapped up pretty quickly (thank you gorgeous lady) you can order A4 or A3 prints of this paintings here


I have such a strong desire to paint big-eyed girls with their companions at the moment.

My sketchbook is full of drawings with these girls and their animals. And it makes me wonder what it is that 
is subconsciously driving these drawings?

And for some time now I have had an image of a girl and her fox.




 And just before the Canberra Handmade markets in March I needed a break from the jewellery making, the packaging and the tiny wish project that I decided to paint for the whole weekend.

 And the fox princess – or SNOW as I ended up referring to her, was created.

 She ended up being different to her original sketch, and she wasn’t an easy painting – but I loved the way she evolved.


Fox Princess has already found her forever home! Before I could even wrap her up for transport I was emailed by one of my lovely peeps who fell in love with her sketch!

if you want to own your very own LilliBean Designs original painting check out my store. for more. Or if you’d like a print of this painting pop over here.


So it’s been a while. Kind of a  loooooong while!  And I have so many paintings to share with you. Looking at my last blog posts I realize that I have almost 5 months worth of paintings to share.

I think deciding to take a break from my blog for a while has meant that I could focus more on my paintings. Because I am not painting to create content – I am painting for the love of it again.

And I can’t wait to share these with you, but today I actually want to share two very special paintings that I created just before Christmas.

You guys – you should know that I feel so honoured when I create these paintings + I am so lucky to have THE BEST CLIENTS! Every single commission has been so thoughtful in their designs and I feel so privileged to create them. These two very different artworks that I am sharing today were for my clients two beautiful daughters. 

This first one was so special. My client’s daughter would say ‘I love you to the moon and back’ to her pop. It’s their special saying. (I LOVE that so much!!)

My client was inspired by this painting originally, however we changed the design for and older girl and featured her favourite colours. And I really loved how this turned out! 

My second commission was totally different and inspired by the style of my woodland Christmas series.

My client wanted to celebrate her daughter’s marriage in this painting  and the style of which combined two of my favourite things to paint – whimsy creatures + lettering. (Well – my two favourite things after painting my big-eyed girls that is!)

 Now to most people a bear and seal doesn’t really make sense, unless you are familiar with the actual couple and knowing the story behind it I think makes it even more special!

It made me wonder; how I would depict Mac and I?

In the end they were both a delight to paint and such beautiful ladies to work with! Thank you!!

if you are interested in having your very own LilliBean Designs painting please feel free to contact me with your questions!


Writing for me again.

Mac said to me the other day – you haven’t written on your blog for a while.

And I did a little double take – ‘You read my blog?’ I asked.

‘Well Yeah’ he replied – his tone was like ‘duh of course I do!’

‘No’ I replied ‘I need to figure out some things before I throw myself back into the writing game.’

These last couples of months not once have I felt inspired to write something on the website. Not even to share my latest pieces of work, of which there is a lot.

I love to write. Writing helps me get out of my head and clarify my chaotic thoughts. It helps me to minimize my little bitch and her demon pals who are my constant companions and critics.

And I feel that by sharing my stories I have helped others in little ways on their own creative journey, which really makes me happy. I love these connections that I have made with people through my writing. 

Every week for the last six years I have written two or three posts. And last year, well maybe we shouldn’t take about the year that should be struck from the history books, but last year was such a shit year that writing became for me became very regimented.

 Tuesdays were a  share something that’s been happening post, Friday share some art. Wash and repeat….

But it shouldn’t be so regimented. I miss the spontaneity that I had in the early years.

So what is the purpose of this little space? What happens now?

I love writing. That isn’t going to change. And I’m not going to radically change what I write about here. It isn’t going to become a place where I start talking about the wonders of being a domestic goddess.

 Let’s be honest – domestic goddess status isn’t ever going to be something I can achieve. (I can hear you laughing at the ludicrousness of this Mac!)

 But I  want to be more spontaneous about writing. And I may write about something I struggle with, what’s happening in Casa de Mac, what the terrible trio are up to, things that make me smile or cry or inspire me.

 I think it is going to be just a general space of sharing. A sanctuary of sorts from the day to day.

And I also want to continue to inspire others to begin or continue their own creative journey.

 I have an idea that has been brewing about creative journeys and helping people discover their own creativeness, and I would love to hear what you want to know. But that’s for later!

Lastly I want you to know that I appreciate every single one of you – for reading, for commenting, for letting me know how my writing or my art work has inspired you. And for just being awesome.

Thank you! 
K x

Bespoke Nursery Art

Friday Art

You know when someone says to you “You should do….” 

Sigh. You know Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda… They seem to make me feel disheartened and not very inspired! 

However I am also incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by an amazing support network who really understand LilliBean Designs. Well they should ’cause I have been going on and on about it for the the last five years!

And one of my friends said to me earlier in the year “you should do bespoke nursery paintings” and like a light bulb going off I was immediately curious + excited.nursery-art-collage

It has taken a couple of months to gather my thoughts about this project but I am happy to say I am now offering Bespoke Nursery Paintings!


There are five designs to chose from: Brave Boy (with feathers), Bold Boy (pirate), Blaze the Unicorn (teal), Floss the Unicorn (pink) + The princess (image to come as she is on my work desk at the moment!)


Underneath the painting is hand written text – the child’s name, birth date, time, weight + length (all of these are optional)


Paintings are able to be slightly customised with no extra cost (i.e. hair colour, eye colour + background colour.) and come in two sizes A3 + A4 (16.5 x 11.7′ + 11.7 x 8.3′ approx) 

The base cost for a bespoke painting is: A3 $160 / A4  $120. Postage and additional alterations are on a per customer basis depending on your changes + requests.

If you would like further information on your own bespoke painting please email me for more

I hope you all have a fantastic and restful weekend!


Round Here {NOVEMBER 2016}


It has been a shitty couple of weeks around here, something that I wrote about in my Studio Snippets email that went out last week. (I will probably repost it here at some point)

And until I went to write this post I thought it was going to be mostly doom + gloom! However there have been some lovely moments which have really helped us to move forward.

This month we’ve been…..

Scooting at the Netball Courts. So much fun – I love scooting with the girls.


My first market on home grounds since the beginning of this year. Loved having the kids help me out with set up. and having Mac help with the heavy lifting 😉


We are not a country to go all out and celebrate Halloween but luckily we were able to go to a small town near ours where they trick or treated in the main street. Such an awesome community event and saved a lot of tears in our house with questions of WHY! Why don’t people have lollies for us??

round-here-ivMac even threw himself into the spirit of Halloween and carved up a pumpkin for our front door. 

round-here-viiWe lost this beautiful lady this month. A gaping hole in our family and our hearts.

round-here-vAnd we were able to find some lighter moments in the days following. Wee Beastie and her cousin spent most of the weekend in these beautiful Spanish tutu’s

round-here-viAnd this chickie decided that it was time for her to ride a bike – and so she did!

round-here-viiiThe most beautiful gorgeous friend sent me these in the days following Nan’s funeral. Despite a huge amount of crap going on in her own life, she heard me thanking my Nan for the tea + chats. She thought these were perfect. They were.


Summers rolling in and we’ve been hanging out on the balcony and rediscovered out chalk.

decorations-ivMaking some more of these super cute hand painted xmas decorations. Keep an eye out for the angel bunting!

round-here-xiWith the change in temperature the huge thunder storms roll in – this is my very lazy attempt to capture lightning – lazy because I was laying in bed instead on on our balcony!

So that’s what we’ve been up to this month. What is your favourite memory from November? 




The 2017 LilliBean Art Calendar has arrived!!

So i have a funny story for you…..

It wasn’t until I started LilliBean Designs that I realised that for Christmas you needed to start planning in April. And I am not sure if you realise but finding inspiration for your Christmas line in April (yes, Easter was just on and you have a chocolate hang over of huge proportions) is harder than you’d think.


I was painting wintery scenes for my cards when we were still swimming and wearing shorts + t-shirts…

So I ordered the cards, but forgot about ordering my calendars until just before the Canberra Handmade markets and so they of course arrived on the Monday after the markets……


Never mind I told myself, they are hear, and in plenty of time. Until I open up my calendars and there is a 1cm white line on the front page. 

I contacted my supplier and told them of the problem + they immediately reprint the calendar.  When they arrived I checked the printing of the calendar and it looks super cool. Happy I pack them away for the next market.


Then the week of the market comes + I needed to take some photos of my calendar. I set up the shoot – it looks cute, take the photos and sit down to edit them….

As I am editing the photos I realise something odd.

The January calendar says 2016, so does the next 11 months….

My stomach drops… I check the dates….. I cried a little. I swore even more….

I hadn’t changed the dates of the actual calendar + all thirty calendars are for this year!!

I swore some more.

I now have thirty calendars for 2016! And I now have the most expensive box of landfill. 

Fortunately I was able to order more – with the calendar dates updated! And now they are in the house!


And now I can start planning my next year! 


YOU can own a lillibean 2017 art calendar too…

My calendars have huge amounts of space to write in all your appointments and events. They  make perfect gifts for your family, friends or for your teachers. 

To purchase your own LilliBean Art Calendar you can order it one of three ways.

  • International customers (i.e. Not Australian) I would suggest ordering it from the supplier (Lulu) directly. Postage for international customers is close to $20. Lulu often have free shipping to the US + UK.
  • You can purchase directly from me. Australia postage is approx $15. Local orders delivery is free.
local-purchase   australian-wide

  • Or visit me at one of the remaining markets that I will be attending and purchase from me directly.

Any questions please email me!